Black heels

Black heels should be in every womans closet. I wear them at day time and when I go out at evening. It took me time to find the heels that feets me perfectly, but it was worth it.

Debra Hayek

Light orange midi dress

Amazing summery look that you can enjoy day and night , the figure is flaatering for almost avery one and gies you the opportunity to feel elegant with a cacual look.

Perl J roolins

Macramé light gray silver bracelet

This silver bracelet is the kind of accessory that you can enjoy day and night, its light ornament on your wrist that gives you a fine unique urban look.

Dona vin

Dark green gold neckless

This is the neckless thats gets you that chick causal look , with white Tshirt or even a black one , hanging on your neck in an nonchalant way, love it!

Hinda mahari

Denim pocket shirt

Did you ever stood more than enough time in front of your clothes cabinet?! This is the kind of shirt that can solve the problem for you!

Easther Hillyard

Diamond top

This diamond top is great option for hot summer day at the office with tailored shorts or a fun night out with your friends .