Marjorie Stowe

The fashionable nails colors

The hands with the awesome nail colors are looking great and also gives the beauty to your hands and this is looking great. Here is some design of the Nails which are made up with some Awesome nail colors. This is really great design.

Lesley Wood

The great painted midi

The long midi gives the you the cool looking. Which is the great and awesome fashion in it. The long midi is used in any kind of function like wedding, birthday party and also at the time of party with friends.

Gretchen Graves

The Great Designed Maxi

This is the great designed backless maxi in black color. This is looks great and also gives you the awesome feel. This one is the good for all occasion means you can easily wear it into the all the ceremony specially in wedding.

Dana Casey

The cloth purse

This purse is made by cloths and also very handy purse. used for the keeping the money and other weightless product. The purse is Eco friendly. and also take a advantage to suited on all types of dresses.

Debra Hayek

Light orange midi dress

Amazing summery look that you can enjoy day and night , the figure is flaatering for almost avery one and gies you the opportunity to feel elegant with a cacual look.

Tammy Dierks

Yellow Cardigan

It is very cute for winter as well as fall. Its stunning yellow sweater combination cardigan. Its also looking good with yellow ear rings and hand belt on white color frock. I like this color very much.