Dalia G.

Bling bling neckless

If you are a classy lady that wears tailored dress or tops to work and want to spice it out for a cocktail with your friends in the evening this neckless can really be the answer to you

Monika .A

Peach trench coat

Classic tailored trench coat in pastel peach color, its light fanric allows you to feel like its a dress and wear it as a main piece.


white dress

Ther are some outfit you just have to keep in your closet. My favorite is a white dress that I usually wear when I want to stand out.

Alice Butkovich

Loving Blue Skirt

Comfortable, classic, easy fit for everyday wear. It is perfect for what I wanted. Lovely fabric and it has a beautiful swing to it when you walk. About color, blue is awesome for the every combination.

Emily Dickens

Denim tailored mini dress

I don't like this total look for the day to day life but as a runway look i understand it , This denim tailored dress is really something you need in your wardrobe .

Hinda mahari

Denim pocket shirt

Did you ever stood more than enough time in front of your clothes cabinet?! This is the kind of shirt that can solve the problem for you!