Dona vin

Dark green gold neckless

This is the neckless thats gets you that chick causal look , with white Tshirt or even a black one , hanging on your neck in an nonchalant way, love it!

Dalia G.

Bling bling neckless

If you are a classy lady that wears tailored dress or tops to work and want to spice it out for a cocktail with your friends in the evening this neckless can really be the answer to you

Christina strup


Summer is just around the corner, as are swimsuits, I think most girls know what swimsuit fits their specific body , today you can find many leading stores that have an entire collection of clothing in large sizes, I think that it looks much better when it's convenient for you then there is no reason get into clothes that are suitable if there is another option. You accept yourself as you are and wear a swimsuit that suits you. Have fun!

Debra Hayek

Light orange midi dress

Amazing summery look that you can enjoy day and night , the figure is flaatering for almost avery one and gies you the opportunity to feel elegant with a cacual look.

Ashely cooper

Indigo purse

Blue indigo purse that have some casual look it best to have with light blue denim and super white Tshirt. This look is iconic and never grows old .


Loose clothing

In my opinion, it is very important to feel comfortable in our clothes during the day. The latest trends gives us the opportunity to wear loose and comfortble clothes and still look fashionable. I love it!